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Why we use the Rotovac!

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Better results, less work

For years, carpet cleaners across the country have been using the traditional manual wand to get out those set-in Spots.  Up until recently, it was really one of the very few options on the market and it did bring decent results.  However, those results often came at after hours of hard work, elbow grease, and often at the expense of the operator’s back. 

This outdated technology has been replaced by something bigger and better, and that is the Rotovac.  Featuring 6 vacuum slots and 6 spray jets that all rotate at 250 rpm, the world of carpet cleaning changed dramatically when it was released.  In this demonstration, the capabilities of the Rotovac as compared to that of the traditional wand are showcased.


To achieve its high performance, it utilizes dual high torque motors which give it the power required to clean even the toughest of Spots.  But in order to operate this much power, the technician must be bent over and putting a lot of stress on their back, right?  Wrong!  The Rotovac is so easy to use that only one hand is required.  At ABCS, we are all about giving our clients an expertly cleaned floor in a timely manner, and by utilizing this piece of technology, we are able to.  

When other carpet cleaners who are still using the wand leave your home, they tell you not to walk on the carpet for at least a few hours to let it dry.  The Rotovac oversprays 30% less water so you are able to walk on your carpet almost immediately.  While it is important to let your carpet fully dry before putting all of your furniture back, limited foot traffic in the cleaned areas is permitted.  

Rotovac’s revolutionary technology is changing the world of floor cleaning and we at ABCS are proud to be utilizing this equipment.  Our customers see results instantly and are shocked by how much dirt and seut we are able to pull out.  If you are eager to see these results in your home or small business, contact us today!

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