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Area Rugs Cleaning

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Area Rugs & Orientals

There are few things in this world that can provide the character and comfort level that an area rug can for your home. Similar to a painting or piece of decoration that fills up a blank wall, area and oriental rugs can give your home an added boost in comfort and decor. It’s a common practice for homeowners to place these rugs in high-traffic areas to protect their hardwood floors from the constant trampling of feet. Also, the placement of area rugs beneath kitchen tables or other spill-risk zones are quite common. It is for these reasons that ABCS is proud to offer professional area and oriental rug cleanings!

Area rugs are slightly different than traditional carpets. For those of you at home who have tried to clean those set-in spots but came up unsuccessful, the trained and certified technicians at ABCS will get the job done! The key difference between traditional carpets and area rugs is that the rugs require an effective but gentle clean. It is with this in mind that we urge any DIY experts trying to take matters into your own hands to use caution and if you begin to see signs of damage, contact a professional from ABCS immediately!

The Area Rug Specialists

Similar to other flooring projects that we perform, we start each job with a thorough analysis of the rug to formulate a game plan. During this phase, we note any areas that might need particularly more attention. Our state-of-the-art equipment and a little bit of elbow grease are sure to get out even the toughest of stains or wear marks.

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