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Natural Stone Cleaning

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Our Natural Stone Cleaning Process

The porous character of natural stone is what makes it require such a unique technique for the removal of dirt and other buildups. If your natural stone floor is not maintained regularly by professionals, the beauty of it will diminish quickly. It is with this in mind that we are able to offer our highly regarded cleaning services. When you decide to have the technicians from ABCS come to your home, we can be in and out in as little as a few hours. Our methods are proven to minimize wear and tear on your floors, as well as enhance the beauty of it.

From marble to limestone, granite to concrete, and everything in between, we clean it all! And when we say we clean it all, we leave no stone unturned! Our free in-home estimates are the best way to get this process started. By taking a close look at your floor and examining every square inch, we will formulate the best course of action and get to work immediately.

Industry Leaders in Natural Stone Cleaning

Similar to the tile and grout cleaning services, we begin by spraying an alkaline-based solution on your floor which dives deep into the pores of the stone and loosens up the dirt and grime that have been in there for years. Doing this allows it to be picked up much more easily later on in the process. After letting the solution sit and work its magic for a few minutes, we hand-scrub between each stone to get those hard-to-reach areas. Once the loose dirt is kicked up, our pressure cleaners then get to work scrubbing the stones and collect the dirt leaving only your sparkling stone behind! This part of the process may require a second attempt, but rest assured that when we leave your home, we leave no dirt behind!

Most of our satisfied customers didn’t even realize how clean their stone floors truly were when installed. After years of dirt buildup it can be easy to forget! If you request the services of an ABCS professional, we ask that you kindly keep the following requests in mind on the day of our arrival:

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