Carpet Care Tips

Step by step advanced treatment recommendations - see bottom for spotting solutions.

Spotting Solutions

Ammonia Solution
Mix one tablespoon of clean household ammonia with on half cup of water.

Bleach Solution
Use hydrogen peroxide or sodium perborate (present in Snowy or Clorox II) – Do not use chlorine bleach.

Detergent Solution
Mix one teaspoonful of a colorless, mild detergent or dishwashing liquid in a cup of lukewarm water.
Dry Cleaning Solvent
Volatile dry spotter or a commercial spotter such as Thoro, Carbona, Energize, K2R. Use in small amounts – can be harmful in sizing, backings, or stuffing material. Do not use gasoline, lighter fluid or carbon tetrachloride.

Paint, oil, and grease remover – available in hardware stores. Use extremely small amounts with extreme caution!