Back-to-School Floor Cleaning

Back To School Floor Cleaning

Start the school year off right

As your kids start gearing up for school, they’ll inevitably try to cram in every outdoor activity possible to get the most out of their summer vacation.  This can only mean one thing: muddy shoes!  The dirt on the shoes and clothes of your kids will get into the house and sink into the carpet, hard surface floors, and even your furniture, leaving you with a mess.

With the start of the school year upon us, it might be prudent to start looking into some cleaning options.  Some of the small and easy-to-clean messes can more than likely be neutralized with an over-the-counter treatment, but for some of the tougher stains a professional should be called.  At ABCS, we can handle a wide variety of messes on a number of surfaces including carpets, tile & grout, upholstery, hardwood floors, and natural stone.

Sometimes it doesn’t even come from outdoor games!  If you are the parent of a child that likes to entertain his or her friends, odds are you have experienced the spilling of juice, soda, greasy food, food crumbs, or anything else that can fall to the floor.  It’s almost as if it happens in slow-motion; you see someone’s elbow bump the glass and it slowly tilts over and lets loose everything it was containing.  Depending on the specific type of spill, check out our carpet care tips to see if they can help.  If not, professional service may be required.

Pets are practically magnets for bad odors.  Pet owners know this is true.  If you’re the type of person who takes their dog for walks then you probably know that they’ll do anything in their power to roll around in a pleasant smell.  Well, pleasant for them, not for you.  With the kids going back to school it might also be time to take care of those animal odors that have been lingering throughout your home.  We at ABCS are pet owners too so we feel your pain.  We are qualified and eager to assist you with your animal odor needs!

Bring the boat back to port and back up the camper!  With Memorial Day being one of the last hoorahs for camping and boating, it’s critical to keep the floors of these assets as clean as can be.  The constant trampling of muddy and/or wet feet have surely taken a toll this summer, so let the experts at ABCS take the reins and bring your boat or RV back to it’s former glory.

Featuring a variety of floor cleaning options

ABCS is based in Chalfont, PA and is ready for all of your back-to-school requests!  If your home or small business is in need of cleaning services, our competitive prices and experience speak for themselves.  Call or contact us today to schedule an appointment!